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Paris Blvd: Taking Sustainable Practices To A Notch Higher!

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Lipsticks automatically conjure up in mind when we talk about primary makeup products. Women’s obsession with lipstick or lipgloss is unparalleled. Lipsticks come in bold or muted colors, matte or glossy colors, or can offer a sheer glow that adds charm to a woman’s personality. Therefore, most women can’t get enough lipsticks and end up stocking more than required, most of which remain in the back of the drawer for one reason or another. To prevent ending up in such a situation, buyers should consider essential aspects before making the purchase, including skin tone, budget, ingredients, and other preferences.

At Paris Blvd, we offer affordable but luxurious cosmetic products. However, that’s not all! We have designed our products to cater to modern women who see makeup and fashion more than as a means to look presentable for any occasion.

This blog highlights unique product features that set us apart in the market and have allowed us to serve our customers better.

We follow cruelty-free practices.

Cruelty-free means that a product is manufactured from start to finish without killing or harming an animal. Traditionally, to ensure the safety of new cosmetic products on human beings, it was first tested on animals. This is a barbaric practice that puts animals in unspeakable pain and discomfort. Many countries worldwide have put an end to this cruelty to disengage brands from following suit, choosing the righteous way, and buying vegan cosmetic products that include safe organic products.

Our products are made from a vegan formula.

Today, vegan cosmetics are trending for all good reasons! Such products are never tested on animals and are free from animal products like beeswax, collagen, gelatin, carmine, milk, lanoline, and other animal-derived ingredients. The vegan content doesn’t just offer a healthier substitute to chemical products but feels like a more sustainable option to buy and use, making it a popular choice among millennials and present-day women.

Authentically sourced raw materials.

By authentic sourcing of raw ingredients, we mean we handpick every ingredient used in our products. This practice ensures our products are made from authentic products that confirm quality genuineness and offer peace of mind to the users that they are using products they can trust.

And since we can track every ingredient in each of our products, we can ensure they contain safe-to-use components that cause zero side effects. Our products are typically free from harmful chemicals like butylated hydroxytoluene, formaldehyde, silicone, and more that can slowly affect your skin and hair.

Our products are better for your skin.

Unlike conventional cosmetics, our products are infused with organic ingredients, meaning natural products were used in them as opposed to essence and flavors to add fragrance! This factor doesn’t just add an instant hydrating feeling to the user’s skin but doesn’t impair it in the long run after even a thousand applications.

Final Thoughts!

Modern women must make sustainable choices to leave the world a better place for generations to come! To do that, one needs to consider their purchases carefully: ingredients, content, practices used, and more. Having an idea about what goes in the products you apply daily is crucial if you are serious about your skincare regime and health in general.

Our collection features a wide array of lipstick shades, making us an excellent platform to get the best lipstick for tan skin or any other skin tone. Head to our product section to find a lipstick that best suits your needs, aesthetics, and preferences.

Happy shopping!